The University utilizes the TCU Alert System to notify the Horned Frog community of an emergency, weather-related closure or delay. TCU Alert is a mass communication program that includes phone, text and email communication, as well as indoor and outdoor loudspeakers, and emergency lighting on campus. TCU will post similar information that is distributed on the TCU Alert System on and share with local media outlets, as necessary.

TCU Alerts

TCU Alert pulls from an internal database maintained by the University for faculty, staff and students. This information may include home phone numbers if students have added a parent or family member’s phone number in their contact information. Inclusion in a student’s contact information is the only way a parent may receive an emergency alert, parents do not have individual records within the system.

If you believe you have received a TCU Alert in error and would like to request that your name be removed from this emergency notification system, please click the link below, complete the form and submit for review. The process may take up to two weeks and you will be notified of the outcome.

The TCU Alert System is activated for weather-related emergencies as follows

Full TCU Alert sent via text, phone and email:

  • When a tornado Warning is issued for the campus

Live voice via campus indoor and outdoor loudspeakers:

  • When wind speeds reach 70 mph or above
  • When hail is 1.5 inches in diameter
  • When the campus ThorGuard Lightning Detection System indicates dangerous lightning in our area

Weather can change at any time, so be sure to monitor local news reports via television, radio or the Internet.

The TCU Alert System deploys all methods of communication in rapid succession. You will be asked to confirm receipt by replying yes. Please respond as quickly as possible. Should we need to deploy emergency resources, it is important that we know you have been reached.

Although you reply yes, you may still receive additional notices until the system completes its cycle via text message, email message, and phone call. You only need to respond once. An all clear message will be sent via the TCU Alert System when the emergency situation has passed. Reply yes to confirm receipt of the all clear message.