The Texas Christian University “L.E.S.S. is More” Emergency Response Notification Plan requires the TCU Department of Public Safety to conduct emergency response drills for every building on campus.  The drills are conducted once a year for non-residence hall buildings and twice a year for residence hall buildings.  During each drill, all three emergency response alerts are activated and responded to by the building’s occupants.

The purpose of these drills is to familiarize our students, faculty and staff of how they should respond after receiving the notification that a life-threatening situation has happened on our campus.

There are literally hundreds of emergency situations that could happen on a college campus… daily.  Thankfully, only three emergency responses are needed to mitigate damages and more importantly, save lives.

                                                          Those three response are “Lockdown”, “Evacuate” and “Seek Shelter”.

L.E.S.S. Safety Maps for TCU Buildings


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Seek Shelter

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‘L.E.S.S. is More’ Safety Training Webinar

Watch the L.E.S.S. is More safety training for faculty and staff, which was presented on Aug. 25, 2020, by Adrian Andrews, assistant vice chancellor for public safety. The session shares the latest campus safety information and instructions on what to do in an emergency on campus.