To educate and protect the TCU community by collaborating with stakeholders on all security related activities. Focused on building, sustaining and improving the capabilities to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to and recover from threatened or actual man-made or natural emergencies or disasters.


Adrian Andrews

Vice Chancellor Andrews oversee emergency management, police, shuttle and transportation, and public safety. During his 28 years in the Secret Service he was involved in the areas of public safety, training, emergency management and law enforcement. He has worked in dozens of emergency situations, including serving as the incident commander for a devastating tornado in Oklahoma in 2005. From 2015 to 2017, he was second in command, assistant special agent in charge, of 90 field agents in Dallas.  Vice Chancellor Andrews joined TCU in 2017.


Adrian Andrews, Vice Chancellor of Public Safety



Sean Taylor Sean Taylor

Sean began serving TCU as the Director of Emergency Management in 2018 after spending the previous decade of his emergency management career at the state and local government levels. He has managed Emergency Operations Center responses and facilitated recovery efforts for many significant incidents including wildland fires, shootings and presidentially declared flooding disasters. Sean received his bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management form the University of North Texas. He is a Certified Emergency Manager by the International Association of Emergency Managers, a Certified Texas Emergency Manager by the Emergency Management Association of Texas, and previously held certifications as a firefighter and emergency medical technician.


Director of Emergency Management

Sean Taylor