lockdown icon
When emergency conditions involve an active shooter or a violent situation involving the police, the safest method to protect individuals may be to lockdown and take shelter inside and await further instructions. When in a lockdown situation, one must do the following:


  • Lock or get into a locked room or hiding place
  • Block the doorway with furniture
  • Block any view into the room
  • Silence cell phones (including the ringer) and remain absolutely quiet
  • Do not allow anyone in the space (the good guys will have keys to open the door)

Once the police arrive

  • Remain calm and follow their instructions
  • Drop any items in your hands
  • Raise your hands and spread your fingers
  • Avoid sudden movements toward the officers
  • Avoid pointing screaming or yelling
  • Do not ask questions when evacuating

TCU Staff

 Must obey the instructions of the Building Deputies and Emergency Floor Officers during an emergency or drill

  • Should proceed to the designated interior safety area
  • Aid in the event of an emergency, as directed by the Building Director, the Emergency Floor Officers, Campus Police or emergency response personnel

Assisting the Physically Impaired

Visually Impaired Persons

  • Announce the type of emergency
  • Offer your arm for guidance
  • Verbally guide the person, giving them information about your general path and obstacles
  • Once at the safety zone, offer to provide further assistance

Hearing Impaired Persons

  • Turn lights on/off to gain the person’s attention
  • Indicate directions with gestures
  • Write a note with shelter-in-place instructions

Persons using Crutches, Canes or Walkers

  • Provide as much assistance as possible
  • If physically able, offer to move the individual using a sturdy chair or rolling chair
  • If physically able, help carry the person to safety

Wheelchair-bound Persons

  • If physically able, help carry the person to safety
  • Reunite wheelchair and user as soon as possible
  • Always consult with the persons before making your decision, lifting may be dangerous for non-ambulatory people

Follow these procedures as closely as possible, without putting yourself in extreme danger.