Be Safe, Horned Frogs: It’s National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. With a new academic year underway as well, it’s the ideal time to revisit the emergency plans for TCU, as well as your own. The 2022 theme is A Lasting Legacy, emphasizing the protection of what you’ve built for your family. To make a family safety plan, visit

TCU Alert Emergency Notification System

In the event of fire, flood, hail, high winds and other catastrophic events in our area, TCU will continue its use of the TCU Alert system. The mass communication system utilizes text message, telephone and email in conjunction with indoor/outdoor campus loudspeakers and emergency lighting.

Weather Emergencies

The TCU Alert System is activated for weather-related emergencies as follows:

Full TCU Alert sent via text, phone and email:

  • When a tornado warning is issued for the campus

Targeted outdoors special event notifications (e.g., move-in, football games):

  • When wind speeds reach 70 mph or above
  • When hail is 1.5 inches in diameter
  • When the campus PerryWeather Lightning Detection System indicates dangerous lightning in our area

Weather can change at any time, so it is important to monitor local news reports via television, radio or the Internet.

Keep your contact information up-to-date

The TCU Alert system pulls contact information from an internal database maintained by TCU for faculty, staff and students. You may update that information through by clicking on the My Employee Center tile, then Personal Details and then Contact Details. You will see your contact information and may edit mobile, business or permanent/home numbers and select your preferred method of communication.

TCU’s safety programs are designed to preserve one of the university’s most important assets: you. TCU Alert allows the Horned Frog community to receive information in minutes when an emergency occurs, and everyone’s quick response is imperative.

TCU is committed to providing a safe environment, and we know that safety is the result of careful attention to operations and everyone’s willingness to be prepared should an emergency arise. Review TCU Alert FAQs for more information.

Building Emergency Coordinators

TCU’s Department of Public Safety identifies and trains at least one individual in every building to be knowledgeable about campus resources and pre-emergency planning, and to assist in evacuation procedures, should they be necessary. Additionally, the team focuses on the safety of the TCU community and hosts courses year-round. Emergency planning information, including supply checklists, are available at To learn who your building emergency coordinator is, contact Adrian Andrews, assistant vice chancellor for public safety.

L.E.S.S. is More & FrogShield App

TCU’s L.E.S.S. is More is a simplified emergency response messaging campaign that relies on only three responses: lockdown, evacuate or seek shelter (L.E.S.S.).

L.E.S.S. is More is available on FrogShield, a security smart phone app that allows for emergency communication between app users and TCU Police. In addition to emergency alerts, the app enables users to call campus police and 911, activate emergency tracking, anonymously report safety concerns, notify emergency contacts of your whereabouts and connect with Froggie Five-0. It also includes a L.E.S.S. is More instructional video, rally points map, building maps, campus contact numbers, parking changes and crime information. In addition, the updated version of FrogShield provides easy-to-navigate links to COVID-19 resources.