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Campus Safety Message

A Message from the Office of Public Safety – August 25, 2021


Dear Horned Frogs,

The TCU Police Department is happy to have y’all back home on campus. At Texas Christian University, your safety and security is our utmost concern.

Safety programs available for students, faculty and staff

Two of our programs, FrogShield and Froggie Five-0, will help keep you safe.

FrogShield is a free smartphone app that contacts TCU Police quickly and directly in emergency situations on campus, and connects you to 911 off campus. It allows you to anonymously report safety concerns and enables you to attach photos and videos.

Froggie Five-0 is a student escort service that operates between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m. during the fall and spring semesters. Froggie Five-0 provides more than 3,000 safety escorts a month to the campus community, and can seat up to five passengers. Priority is given to people walking alone and those who need an escort to or from remote areas of campus.

TCU Police escorts are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are injured and need transportation, call 817-257-5856 during normal operating hours to request a safety escort. They also are available after 1 a.m. for safety transport.

Practice makes perfect

Within the first week of classes at TCU, all students will have the opportunity to practice our L.E.S.S. is More emergency response drills in the residence halls. The purpose of the drills is to familiarize students with the appropriate responses to a life-threatening situation.

Firearms prohibited on the TCU campus

Texas House Bill 1927, also known as the Firearms Carry Act of 2021, is a law that allows most persons 21 years of age or older to carry a handgun in most public places without a handgun license. As a reminder to the Horned Frog community, this bill only affects public places and does not apply to the TCU campus or spaces occupied and controlled by the university. (See TCU Policy 2.060 for exceptions.) The TCU Police Department will store your weapons at no charge. Call 817-257-777 or stop by the office at 3025 Lubbock Ave.

If you have any questions about public safety at TCU, email Police Dispatch. We hope you have a successful fall semester!


Adrian Andrews

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Public Safety.